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Our job is to provide a complete sleep system or mattress that will give you a better quality, healthier sleep, and we will spend as much time with you as necessary to achieve this goal.

We base our assessment on your body weight, height, shape, any medical problems, bed size and budget requirements. We also listen to your opinions and experiences and recommend the correct mattress for you. This choice is based not only on the information you have given us, but on our 30 plus years of experience with beds and bedding and the science of sleep. This experience has taught us that quality sleep has nothing to do with how hard or soft a mattress is, but everything to do with supporting your body in comfortable alignment with materials that are beneficial to your health and well-being.

A quick glance through the various latex density combinations we offer, will assure you that we can custom build a mattress for you and get it correct. Further, as a manufacturer, we fit you with the actual latex layers that will go in to your mattress – you do not test a showroom model but the mattress components that we use to build your mattress. The more layers of latex used the more expensive the mattress, but the resulting comfort and support is greatly superior to what can be achieved with a single density latex block mattress. With the choice of a custom built Latex Gold 100% Dunlop rubber latex mattress you are investing in your ongoing health and life quality.

Don Eady, Company Founder, Latex Gold & SnugSleep

One of the major concerns with mattresses today is the vast amount of VOC off-gassing caused by the use of petrochemical based foams, chemical flame retardants, sanitizers and fresheners. There are worldwide examples of how many of these chemicals are negatively affecting our health. The health risks are particularly detrimental when exposure occurs during sleep, while the body is recuperating and replenishing the immune system. Sleeping on a 100% natural Dunlop rubber Latex Gold mattress with an organic Dunlop rubber latex 2” top layer, complete with wool comfort layer and organic cotton cover, helps prevent exposure to these toxins and you can rest assured you are protecting your health while you are asleep.

We help people sleep better one person at a time and have being doing so for over 30 years. Maybe we can help you sleep better too, if you are prepared to give us a little of your time.

To your good health.

Company Founder

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