A superior investment in quality

All 100% natural and organic Dunlop Rubber Latex Gold mattresses by SnugSleep are built to provide a safe, healthy, and long lasting sleeping environment. Our multi layer mattresses build custom support and comfort layer by layer for each sleeper and provide:

  • Choice of own support level for each sleeper
  • Organic cotton knit zipped-on cover
  • 100% pure British wool comfort layer
  • Pincore latex design for superior air circulation
  • Non allergenic/natural antibacterial properties
  • No toxic off-gassing
  • No added flame retardants
  • Longevity

Our Latex

Latex Gold natural rubber latex is available in 4 densities (firmness levels) and Latex Gold organic rubber latex is available in super/soft density. Layers are cut in 1″, 2″, 3″ or 6″ height and Latex Gold mattresses come in 6″, 8″ or 10″ depths.

A multi layer mattress provides the optimum in customized support and comfort, and allows for future customer adjustment if support needs change (i.e. pregnancy). For example an 8″ mattress made up of 4 x 2″ layers of Latex Gold, will provide more comfort and individualized support than a 6″ block with a 2″ topper. We also offer a more generic 6” Dunlop rubber latex composite mattress ideally suited for children, guest rooms, RVs and wherever a less personally customized mattress is required.

Your age, weight, shape, possible medical problems as well as personal preferences will help determine which Latex Gold mattress is correct for you – with Latex Gold you are assured of a safe and healthy sleeping environment.

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